Jack Arndt

Jack Arndt: I Choose Better Doctors

I am Jack Arndt, and I choose Baptist Cancer Center because it is the ultimate choice.

Jack Arndt knew something wasn’t quite right. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, so he didn’t let it really bother him. Until he went to his primary care doctor for his regular checkup.

“I went to my general practitioner, and he told me my white blood cell count was higher than normal and kept going up,” recalled Jack, whose straightforward way of talking is often punctuated with a bit of quick wit. “First off, they couldn’t figure out what the problem was. They gave me an MRI and PET scan, although I never did figure out whose pet I was.”

Jack’s diagnosis would eventually take months. He first went to see a doctor who specializes in diabetes and other blood-related disorders. After undergoing a few tests, Jack was referred to Dr. Muhammad Raza, who specializes in hematology and oncology at Baptist Cancer Center. 

“Dr. Raza seemed to know immediately what my problem was,” said Jack. “But what he was talking about was a very rare condition, and he wanted me to see someone else to see if he was right. So I went to a bone marrow specialist, and he determined that Dr. Raza was right all along.”

And that’s all Jack needed to know to choose Dr. Raza and Baptist Cancer Center to treat his rare form of cancer.

“I have what they call T-cell lymphoma in my bone marrow,” said Jack. “There are only 100 cases in the United States, so it’s very rare and difficult to diagnose, even with so many doctors working on me. But Dr. Raza knew what it was from day one. He called it. And that’s why I was so impressed with him.”

Jack is doing well, but his cancer journey is far from over. Still, he knows he came to the right place at the right time to give himself the best possible chance for a positive outcome.

“To be honest with you, I think Baptist is the epitome of the place to go if you want qualified excellent treatment for your cancer,” said Jack. “And I thank God for them.”

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